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Here comes Santa

15 Nov

Winter is here and the cold weather can be just as harmful on our hair as the summer, beach, winds. The cold winds and the snow make hair less manageable. The sun is even brighter on our hair in the winter. The reflection of the sun on the snow is so harmful to hair.

So what are some ways we can maintain our hair during the winter?

We should focus on keeping our hair from being damaged from the winter sunlight and to hold it down during the harsh winds. One great way to accomplish this is by wearing hats! There are many different winter hats out there so when you go Christmas shopping stock up son hats for yourself. Grab a few Trapper hats to match your favorite ug boots. Don’t forget some crochet hats to create a softer look to some of your favorite winter outfits.

Picture 1 found on How to make a Crochet hat Picture 2 found on Fashion in Winter Wonderland





And for some of you craftier people out there crochet hats are a great craft. So get your favorite yarn and crochet up some pretty hats. Start making some for great Christmas gifts and keep some for yourself.

Picture found on Ultralayered

After wearing all those fuzzy hats, our hair tends to get frizzy and staticy. One way to keep hair closer to our heads is spraying hairspray on your hair brush before brushing your hair. The hairspray gives weight to your hair so you won’t have as many flyaways. Another way to keep off static hair, is applying holding wax or styling gels before styling your hair. A good way to keep those frizzy hairs smooth is a leave in conditioner. Simply apply a little all over hair, mainly on the ends, after washing hair. Leave it in and the style.