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Which styling tool?

23 Nov

Round brush, straight brush, bushy or soft, twist curlers or self gripping? What tools do I use for what hair styles?

It can sometimes become overwhelming staring at all the different brushes and not knowing which one is best for you. It all depends on what action you plan to accomplish with the brush though. Once you know what hair style you want to create with the brush, picking it out is the easy part.


Picture found on cacheBeauty.com

When looking for a brush to simply smooth out hair after a shower you want to pick a brush where the bristles are placed far apart from each other. This allows hair to move more freely through the brush. This brush is also good for smoothing damp hair while blow-drying it.





Picture found on Babyliss

A paddle brush is useful when styling your hair. It is good while trying to style your hair straight and smooth. It would not be used while trying to dry your hair.





When wanting to style your hair to be smooth, but curly, you want to get a large barrel brush. This brush has bristles that are closer together to help create the wanted style.

Picture by avon






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If you want to add volume and curl to your hair as your blow dry it, it would be good to get a barrel brush that the bristles are farther apart. This allows the hair to more freely flow through the bristles. It also helps dry while adding curl and volume.




These are just some of the main ways each brush is used while styling hair. Picking what design and size of brush all has to do with the  texture and your desired look. Different bristles are made of different materials, so that they work better with different types of hair. So make sure you have one kind of each of the four different brushes to style your hair exactly how you want it.