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What color fits me best

13 Oct

I always say it is best to stay closest to your natural color. The color you were born with is obviously going to look the most natural, because it is your natural. I won’t deny though sometimes our hair might look best another color, because it matches our style.

I ways reading in Nicky Pope’s book “Haircare and Hairstyles”, trying to find how to find the best choice of hair color for someone. I was reading about hair types and how they are different. Specifically the text was focused on texture of hair. Pope writes “The natural color of hair also affects its texture, which is determined by the diameter of each hair. Natural blondes have finer hair than brunettes, while redheads have the thickest hair.” Taking in note that Pope is speaking in a general sence, I found this information could be helpful in choosing a good hair color. For example, Normally blondes have more thin hair and usually less body. If you find that your hair is less thicker than most brunettes, usually flat and less oily, then blonde may fit your hair type.

From personal experience I have found that, if your hair tends to get oily quickly than darker colors are better to go with. Light brown and blonde colors tend to show when your hair is getting oily. If you cannot go a whole, second day without washing your hair and it still look presentable, than light colors are probably not best for your hair type. Also remember your skin tone is a great indicator to what color your hair should be. Look around at pictures and people around you, and decide from that which hair colors you like with which skin tones. Here are some pictures you can look at of some good hair colors. 15 Great Color Choices for Hair.

So while figuring out your perfect hair type remember there are three main things to look at, your hair texture, your personality and your skin tone. All of these can lead you to your perfect hair color. Just remember to do what you like and have fun with it.

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