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What is your best look?

16 Nov

Choosing the perfect cut for you can be a hard decision, but there are really just a few simple things that you need to keep in mind when deciding what cut best fits you. And when you find that great look wear it proud!

Hairstyles are a lot like fashion. They have most defiantly changed over the years and continues to change.

Picture found on Just Another day at Mullet place.

So we know that “perfect” hairstyles will change. This is, because an important part in choosing a hairstyle for you is your style or your personality. What you like and how you dress all aid in finding the perfect fit for a hairstyle. So during your life time your “perfect” style may change, but always make sure it fits you.

Keeping in mind that your personal preference has a lot to do with what hair style will look best on you, your body type and face shape  also are important roles in picking a great hair cut. The shape of your face can show you things like, which way to part your hair, how long your hair should be, or even whether or not to have layers. A good way to figure out your face shape is by holding back your hair from your face while looking in a mirror. Then outline (with something that can wash off) on to the mirror, the shape of your face. So here are some tips on general face shapes and what hair cuts usually look good on each of them.

Square Face






picture found on Hairstyles for Face shape

A square face will have a broader forehead and squared off jaw line. Good hair cuts for this shape of face would be things with long layers, no chopped off layered looks. Also parting your hair off to the side would add to the hair cut. The best cuts would be soft, even cuts. Soft curls would also look really well on this shape face.

Round Face





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With a round face, the distance between the forehead and the chin is almost equal with the cheeks. Cuts that are layered towards the face are best for this face shape. Shorter in length may be more flattering and bangs can make the face look longer and slimmer.

Oval Face





picture found on Virtual Hair Styles

An Oval shaped face will have a wide cheek bone with a pointed type chin. This shape is considered to be the perfect shaped face and that almost any hair style will look good on it.

Heart Face






picture found on Hairstyles for Face Shape

A Heart shaped face’s widest point is at eye level. Good hair cuts for this face would be bobs. Something that rounds around the eyes and tappers down to the chin. Maybe even some curls near the chin.

Oblong Face





picture found on Winter News letter

The Oblong Face shape usually has a slightly wider fore head. It is good to have a hair cut that gives an illusion of width. This is to balance the face and “shrink” the fore head. Shorter layers and/or bangs fit well with this face type. Scrunched curls are also a good look for this face type.


Other information found in Hair Care and Hairstyles by Nicky Pope.


Should I pay that much for a trim?

30 Sep

Does it bother you to pay for a regular hair cut, when all you want is those nasty dead ends cut off? Well know that you are not alone. Obviously it is not a good idea to just start chopping away at your hair, but little trims can be done. I find that after getting my hair cut to the style I want it is really easy to trim off the dead ends on my own. Always remember, though, to have a GOOD pare of hair cutting scissors before cutting!

Usually when doing my own trim I leave my hair dry. This way I know what the dead ends look like after styling my hair. I only do this, though because I have straight hair. I would recommend, with curly hair, leaving it wet, so that it is easier to see the actual length of what you are cutting. It is much easier to trim your own hair, obviously, if it is longer and does not have many layers. I have found though, that is is possible to trim hair with layers, and still keep the style I have. In doing this it looks like I have not actually gotten my hair cut, but simply that my dead ends are gone.
I found it is good to do top layers, if they are short, by pulling some hair from the top layers up and finding pieces that are all the same length and cutting off a little there. I do this until I feel that I have gotten all the major dead ends off. After that I go to the sides. In every layer though, you need to make sure you are cutting pieces, together, that are ALL READY the same length. You don’t want to start making your own style up. It is also good to make sure you can see the hair you are cutting. If your hair is so short in the back, that you cannot pull it around to see it in a mirror, than I would suggest getting help trimming your hair.

So after getting the style of hair cut I want, I have found I can trim my own hair. If while you try this, you do not fell confident enough to get it right, or that your hands are shaky, you may want to stick with letting others cut your hair. The worst thing you could do is mess it up and then have to pay to get it fixed. After looking around, I found a website that teaches you how to cut hair. If you are interested in having more knowledge before cutting your own hair, or somone else’s, I would suggest checking out this website, How to cut hair for begginers. There is a book on there, that you can buy, to teach you the tricks on how to cut hair.