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Keeping my hair healthy

23 Nov

All the styling and chemicals can really wear down on your hair and you are now starting to see it! What are some ways to replenish your hair without adding more chemicals? There are many natural treatments out there, you just need to find the one that fits your need and helps the most for your hair type. Thankfully there are ways to treat your hair with things your can find at your local grocery store. Even if you are a regular at the salon and they know healthy hair, your hair still gets bogged down with all the chemicals. So it is good to do some home treatments with natural supplements every once or twice a month to replenish the hair.

If your hair is lacking in shine you would want to make either some natural conditioner or some kind of mask. Conditioners would be something you would want to use if that store bought stuff is not helping and you simply need something to bring more life to your hair and something you can use daily. A mask, though, would be something that you only do every or every other month. Just a once-a-time thing to add life and shine to your hair. Two good masks are a Banana mask or a Yogurt mask.


1 mashed banana

picture found of ehow

3 tbsp of honey

3 tbsp of milk

5 tbsp of olive oil

1 egg


7 tbsp of plain yogurt

1 egg

For both masks, you would apply ingredients to damp hair and massage through. Leave it in for about 30mins. then rinse it out then shampoo and condition hair as normal.

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Different natural, grocery store items, can be used to do many different things to your hair. They all affect the hair in different ways. You do have to be careful though of things that might alter your dyed color. Some acids in food can affect the chemicals in your hair. Home remedies, though are a great way to fix your hair at home and maintain your healthy hair in between salon appointments. Just always know how the ingredient will affect hair first.

SOUTHERN WOOD -fights oiliness

NETTLE- stimulates hair growth

ROSEMARY- keeps static down

LAVENDER- soothes tight scalp

TEA TREE- keeps off infestations.


Which styling tool?

23 Nov

Round brush, straight brush, bushy or soft, twist curlers or self gripping? What tools do I use for what hair styles?

It can sometimes become overwhelming staring at all the different brushes and not knowing which one is best for you. It all depends on what action you plan to accomplish with the brush though. Once you know what hair style you want to create with the brush, picking it out is the easy part.


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When looking for a brush to simply smooth out hair after a shower you want to pick a brush where the bristles are placed far apart from each other. This allows hair to move more freely through the brush. This brush is also good for smoothing damp hair while blow-drying it.





Picture found on Babyliss

A paddle brush is useful when styling your hair. It is good while trying to style your hair straight and smooth. It would not be used while trying to dry your hair.





When wanting to style your hair to be smooth, but curly, you want to get a large barrel brush. This brush has bristles that are closer together to help create the wanted style.

Picture by avon






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If you want to add volume and curl to your hair as your blow dry it, it would be good to get a barrel brush that the bristles are farther apart. This allows the hair to more freely flow through the bristles. It also helps dry while adding curl and volume.




These are just some of the main ways each brush is used while styling hair. Picking what design and size of brush all has to do with the  texture and your desired look. Different bristles are made of different materials, so that they work better with different types of hair. So make sure you have one kind of each of the four different brushes to style your hair exactly how you want it.

What is your best look?

16 Nov

Choosing the perfect cut for you can be a hard decision, but there are really just a few simple things that you need to keep in mind when deciding what cut best fits you. And when you find that great look wear it proud!

Hairstyles are a lot like fashion. They have most defiantly changed over the years and continues to change.

Picture found on Just Another day at Mullet place.

So we know that “perfect” hairstyles will change. This is, because an important part in choosing a hairstyle for you is your style or your personality. What you like and how you dress all aid in finding the perfect fit for a hairstyle. So during your life time your “perfect” style may change, but always make sure it fits you.

Keeping in mind that your personal preference has a lot to do with what hair style will look best on you, your body type and face shape  also are important roles in picking a great hair cut. The shape of your face can show you things like, which way to part your hair, how long your hair should be, or even whether or not to have layers. A good way to figure out your face shape is by holding back your hair from your face while looking in a mirror. Then outline (with something that can wash off) on to the mirror, the shape of your face. So here are some tips on general face shapes and what hair cuts usually look good on each of them.

Square Face






picture found on Hairstyles for Face shape

A square face will have a broader forehead and squared off jaw line. Good hair cuts for this shape of face would be things with long layers, no chopped off layered looks. Also parting your hair off to the side would add to the hair cut. The best cuts would be soft, even cuts. Soft curls would also look really well on this shape face.

Round Face





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With a round face, the distance between the forehead and the chin is almost equal with the cheeks. Cuts that are layered towards the face are best for this face shape. Shorter in length may be more flattering and bangs can make the face look longer and slimmer.

Oval Face





picture found on Virtual Hair Styles

An Oval shaped face will have a wide cheek bone with a pointed type chin. This shape is considered to be the perfect shaped face and that almost any hair style will look good on it.

Heart Face






picture found on Hairstyles for Face Shape

A Heart shaped face’s widest point is at eye level. Good hair cuts for this face would be bobs. Something that rounds around the eyes and tappers down to the chin. Maybe even some curls near the chin.

Oblong Face





picture found on Winter News letter

The Oblong Face shape usually has a slightly wider fore head. It is good to have a hair cut that gives an illusion of width. This is to balance the face and “shrink” the fore head. Shorter layers and/or bangs fit well with this face type. Scrunched curls are also a good look for this face type.


Other information found in Hair Care and Hairstyles by Nicky Pope.

Here comes Santa

15 Nov

Winter is here and the cold weather can be just as harmful on our hair as the summer, beach, winds. The cold winds and the snow make hair less manageable. The sun is even brighter on our hair in the winter. The reflection of the sun on the snow is so harmful to hair.

So what are some ways we can maintain our hair during the winter?

We should focus on keeping our hair from being damaged from the winter sunlight and to hold it down during the harsh winds. One great way to accomplish this is by wearing hats! There are many different winter hats out there so when you go Christmas shopping stock up son hats for yourself. Grab a few Trapper hats to match your favorite ug boots. Don’t forget some crochet hats to create a softer look to some of your favorite winter outfits.

Picture 1 found on How to make a Crochet hat Picture 2 found on Fashion in Winter Wonderland





And for some of you craftier people out there crochet hats are a great craft. So get your favorite yarn and crochet up some pretty hats. Start making some for great Christmas gifts and keep some for yourself.

Picture found on Ultralayered

After wearing all those fuzzy hats, our hair tends to get frizzy and staticy. One way to keep hair closer to our heads is spraying hairspray on your hair brush before brushing your hair. The hairspray gives weight to your hair so you won’t have as many flyaways. Another way to keep off static hair, is applying holding wax or styling gels before styling your hair. A good way to keep those frizzy hairs smooth is a leave in conditioner. Simply apply a little all over hair, mainly on the ends, after washing hair. Leave it in and the style.