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Keeping my hair healthy

23 Nov

All the styling and chemicals can really wear down on your hair and you are now starting to see it! What are some ways to replenish your hair without adding more chemicals? There are many natural treatments out there, you just need to find the one that fits your need and helps the most for your hair type. Thankfully there are ways to treat your hair with things your can find at your local grocery store. Even if you are a regular at the salon and they know healthy hair, your hair still gets bogged down with all the chemicals. So it is good to do some home treatments with natural supplements every once or twice a month to replenish the hair.

If your hair is lacking in shine you would want to make either some natural conditioner or some kind of mask. Conditioners would be something you would want to use if that store bought stuff is not helping and you simply need something to bring more life to your hair and something you can use daily. A mask, though, would be something that you only do every or every other month. Just a once-a-time thing to add life and shine to your hair. Two good masks are a Banana mask or a Yogurt mask.


1 mashed banana

picture found of ehow

3 tbsp of honey

3 tbsp of milk

5 tbsp of olive oil

1 egg


7 tbsp of plain yogurt

1 egg

For both masks, you would apply ingredients to damp hair and massage through. Leave it in for about 30mins. then rinse it out then shampoo and condition hair as normal.

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Different natural, grocery store items, can be used to do many different things to your hair. They all affect the hair in different ways. You do have to be careful though of things that might alter your dyed color. Some acids in food can affect the chemicals in your hair. Home remedies, though are a great way to fix your hair at home and maintain your healthy hair in between salon appointments. Just always know how the ingredient will affect hair first.

SOUTHERN WOOD -fights oiliness

NETTLE- stimulates hair growth

ROSEMARY- keeps static down

LAVENDER- soothes tight scalp

TEA TREE- keeps off infestations.


Here comes Santa

15 Nov

Winter is here and the cold weather can be just as harmful on our hair as the summer, beach, winds. The cold winds and the snow make hair less manageable. The sun is even brighter on our hair in the winter. The reflection of the sun on the snow is so harmful to hair.

So what are some ways we can maintain our hair during the winter?

We should focus on keeping our hair from being damaged from the winter sunlight and to hold it down during the harsh winds. One great way to accomplish this is by wearing hats! There are many different winter hats out there so when you go Christmas shopping stock up son hats for yourself. Grab a few Trapper hats to match your favorite ug boots. Don’t forget some crochet hats to create a softer look to some of your favorite winter outfits.

Picture 1 found on How to make a Crochet hat Picture 2 found on Fashion in Winter Wonderland





And for some of you craftier people out there crochet hats are a great craft. So get your favorite yarn and crochet up some pretty hats. Start making some for great Christmas gifts and keep some for yourself.

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After wearing all those fuzzy hats, our hair tends to get frizzy and staticy. One way to keep hair closer to our heads is spraying hairspray on your hair brush before brushing your hair. The hairspray gives weight to your hair so you won’t have as many flyaways. Another way to keep off static hair, is applying holding wax or styling gels before styling your hair. A good way to keep those frizzy hairs smooth is a leave in conditioner. Simply apply a little all over hair, mainly on the ends, after washing hair. Leave it in and the style.

Should I pay that much for a trim?

30 Sep

Does it bother you to pay for a regular hair cut, when all you want is those nasty dead ends cut off? Well know that you are not alone. Obviously it is not a good idea to just start chopping away at your hair, but little trims can be done. I find that after getting my hair cut to the style I want it is really easy to trim off the dead ends on my own. Always remember, though, to have a GOOD pare of hair cutting scissors before cutting!

Usually when doing my own trim I leave my hair dry. This way I know what the dead ends look like after styling my hair. I only do this, though because I have straight hair. I would recommend, with curly hair, leaving it wet, so that it is easier to see the actual length of what you are cutting. It is much easier to trim your own hair, obviously, if it is longer and does not have many layers. I have found though, that is is possible to trim hair with layers, and still keep the style I have. In doing this it looks like I have not actually gotten my hair cut, but simply that my dead ends are gone.
I found it is good to do top layers, if they are short, by pulling some hair from the top layers up and finding pieces that are all the same length and cutting off a little there. I do this until I feel that I have gotten all the major dead ends off. After that I go to the sides. In every layer though, you need to make sure you are cutting pieces, together, that are ALL READY the same length. You don’t want to start making your own style up. It is also good to make sure you can see the hair you are cutting. If your hair is so short in the back, that you cannot pull it around to see it in a mirror, than I would suggest getting help trimming your hair.

So after getting the style of hair cut I want, I have found I can trim my own hair. If while you try this, you do not fell confident enough to get it right, or that your hands are shaky, you may want to stick with letting others cut your hair. The worst thing you could do is mess it up and then have to pay to get it fixed. After looking around, I found a website that teaches you how to cut hair. If you are interested in having more knowledge before cutting your own hair, or somone else’s, I would suggest checking out this website, How to cut hair for begginers. There is a book on there, that you can buy, to teach you the tricks on how to cut hair.

My hair won’t grow!

21 Sep

Do you want long hair, but don’t have patience to wait on your hair to grow? Do you feel like your hair only grows to a certain length and then stops? The first think you must understand when dealing with hair growth is how your hair grows. There are three stages your hair goes through.

Anagen phase, which is the stage in which your hair is activity growing. This is a two to six-year time period where your hair is continually growing. Everyone’s anagen phase is different. Some’s phase last longer than others, but even on just one person there are many different anagen levels. For example your facial, leg hair, and other body hair does not have quite as long anagen phase.
The second phase is the Catagen phase or the transition. This transition last from 90 to 120 days. During this phase growth has stopped.
Lastly hair reaches the final stage Telogen. This phase is also known as the resting phase. Where there is no further growth and eventually the old hair is pushed out.

Nicky Pope states in his book “The illustrated guide to professional hair care and hair styles” that hair grows about 1cm per month. He also states that a single strand can life up to seven years. After learning how hair grows we see the truth in the feeling that our hair gets to a point where it stops growing. There is a stage where the hair stops growing, but then the cycle starts again and the hair continuous to grow.
How to Improve Hair Growth Naturally: Hairstyling Tips |
Keeping up good blood circulation is the way to keep your hair continually cycling. This can be done in a very inexpensive way. Simply eating right, exercising, and drinking water can increase the growth of your hair. If you would just regularly eat fruits and vegetables then you would have no need in any type of vitamins to promote hair growth and wellness.