“Father I am waiting,
I need to hear from You.
To know that You’re approving
of what I say and do.” ~ Jason Upton “In Your Presence”

Though I am just a girl, I am a daughter of the living King and Lord of all. I live my life with out question of why, because my I find my answer in the one who created my life. I do all I know and can unto the Lord. This is my prayer for the day. That I make Him smile when He looks on me.

I write to express myself and my passions. God has created in me a passion and curiosity, in me, of hair. Just another great creation to learn more and more about. I invite you to come with me on this journey to learn of the wonders of hair. As I learn more I want to provide my discovery with you. I hope to find new and less expensive ways to maintain the upkeep of hair. I want to discover the differences in hair types, and what ingredients are more sufficient for what types. I would like to provide creative and fun hair styles and how to accomplish these.

I hope as you read along with me, you find what suites you best. I hope to hear of your discovery and experiments with your hair. As I try out each new discovery on myself and share my experience, I hope to hear of yours. I hope you receive a little taste of having fun with your hair.


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