My hair won’t grow!

21 Sep

Do you want long hair, but don’t have patience to wait on your hair to grow? Do you feel like your hair only grows to a certain length and then stops? The first think you must understand when dealing with hair growth is how your hair grows. There are three stages your hair goes through.

Anagen phase, which is the stage in which your hair is activity growing. This is a two to six-year time period where your hair is continually growing. Everyone’s anagen phase is different. Some’s phase last longer than others, but even on just one person there are many different anagen levels. For example your facial, leg hair, and other body hair does not have quite as long anagen phase.
The second phase is the Catagen phase or the transition. This transition last from 90 to 120 days. During this phase growth has stopped.
Lastly hair reaches the final stage Telogen. This phase is also known as the resting phase. Where there is no further growth and eventually the old hair is pushed out.

Nicky Pope states in his book “The illustrated guide to professional hair care and hair styles” that hair grows about 1cm per month. He also states that a single strand can life up to seven years. After learning how hair grows we see the truth in the feeling that our hair gets to a point where it stops growing. There is a stage where the hair stops growing, but then the cycle starts again and the hair continuous to grow.
How to Improve Hair Growth Naturally: Hairstyling Tips |
Keeping up good blood circulation is the way to keep your hair continually cycling. This can be done in a very inexpensive way. Simply eating right, exercising, and drinking water can increase the growth of your hair. If you would just regularly eat fruits and vegetables then you would have no need in any type of vitamins to promote hair growth and wellness.


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